‘Perfect’ is the Enemy of DONE!

Every project begins with a purpose. There’s a crystal-clear vision from the get-go, whether launching a product, enhancing a process, or crafting something innovative. However, a recurrent distraction emerges: the hunt for perfection.

Let’s explore a few common example:

  • Logo Loop: Spending excessive time and resources on designing the “perfect” logo.
  • Website Woes: Continually revamping the company website in search of the ultimate design or user experience.
  • Product Paralysis: Delaying the launch of a product or service to add “just one more” feature or tweak.
  • Presentation Purgatory: Overfinessing pitch decks and presentations to make them flawless, often at the expense of the actual content or the message’s essence.

Aiming high is great, but there’s an inherent hazard. Overemphasis on ‘perfection’ might stray the project from the primary aim. Instead of enriching, minute details can muddle the waters. Iterations may detract from the foundational concept, rather than sharpening it.

This isn’t an isolated incident; it’s a pattern seen in businesses across the board. The initial enthusiasm and clarity give way to endless tweaks, leading to delays or even project stalls.

Learning from the Agile principles, personally I love the concept of “Just Enough”, we must value progress. It’s not about releasing something unfinished but about recognizing when it’s more beneficial to move forward rather than getting stuck in a loop of perpetual refinement.

While striving for perfection has its merits, it shouldn’t sidetrack the core mission. Reaching completion, advancing steadily, and staying aligned with the initial vision should always remain the north star.

7 October 2023

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