• Digital Automation and the power of ‘Personalisation’

    Gone are the days when adding your customer’s name to the email meant personalisation. In today’s world of omni channel marketing, when you mix the power of automation with personalization,  you can create magic! The industry headlines are often dominated by how a brand raised their profit manifold by giving the kind of personalization customers wanted. Personalised marketing is an opportunity for retailers to give better shopping experiences to customers and build a loyal customer base. It will be the focus of many digital marketers in 2019.

    Providing a personalized shopping experience means to leverage the data and knowledge of  the customer’s preference and suggest them the right product, with the right offer at just the right time.. But there is more to  personalisation. Let’s bring this under the purview of an emotional aspects of shopping and strives to give an “all about you” experience to the customers.

    Often customers will love your product, but will forget your  businesses. With so many options, it’s easy to be loyal to just one brand. It is important to reach out with the right message, at just the right time. However, an intelligent marketing tactic can come off as creepy, if not executed correctly. What’s important is to see what kinds of personalization do customers like and where to draw the line.

    When creating personalised shopping experiences, customers becomes paramount in marketing strategy, doing it the way customers like is a challenge. In order to make personalised shopping fruitful, marketers cannot do without considering its impact on customers.

    With customer’s personal needs, habits, likes and behavior involved, there is no silver bullet to predict what will work, but after studying some experiments in the field, we compiled the kinds of personalized recommendations that customers find useful.


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